Wonderful Wood!
Jonathon's Spoons Fine Woodworking: A tool for every cooking occasion. Wonderful to hold and a joy to cook with.

Wild Apple Fine Woodworking: A very well done line of toys. The whale, rabbit, and dinosaur are all containers, with all the accessory pieces fitting into the belly of the animal. Made of exotic hard woods. The Arks have letters with them telling the woods used in each animal. They make wonderful toys or just great display pieces.

Moon Mountain Woods Fine Woodworking: This beautiful line of door harps is new to us this year. Each harp is inlay using walnut, cherry, mahogany and other exotic woods and magnificently tuned as well. And their Kantele is definitely a collector's item. What a lucky find at Philly.

 BORDER= Erda:
Erda has some very interesting lines, she does bags, fabric, leather and other media. Her specialty is her line of recycled jeans. Photo albums, Bags, small totes. She also does funky footstools (custom order only), and furry hats.

Different Drummer of Maine: This is a line of children's toys. Made of unfinished maple and are extremely durable. They are meant to be played with. Trains, trucks, cars, pull toys & blocks.
For the toddler or older child.

Hardwood Creations of California: They make cutting boards, coasters, napkin holders, salt & pepper, but their most popular are their adult games. A gorgeous inlaid backgammon set. Chess set of walnut and cherry, regulation Chinese checkers, as well as a two man board. Three sizes of their Marble Solitaire, An Oware board, cribbage boards and a game set that includes cribbage and dominoes.

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