The Wonderful Things Gift Tour Continues!

Continuing on in the gift section, as you round the corner you will see many more handcrafted gifts. Some of our most popular games are Chinese checkers in full size, and even one designed for two people. Wonderful Things has solitaire games in small, medium, and large sizes. Of course, there are chess, backgammon, cribbage, and dominoes games also.

Wood Creations

These are some of our puppets. They are for both big and little people! Wonderful Things has a zoo of animals and little friends. We have an aardvark, an anteater, a moose, a cow, an eagle, a pig, a frog, a big bird, a giraffe, a flamingo, a camel, a llama, snakes, alligators, lizard, and oh so many many others.

Plenty of Puppets

There's Still More to See, Please Continue!



01/05/2007 09:08 AM