Welcome to Our Tour of
Wonderful Things!

In the next few pages you will get an overall view of the many Wonderful Things in our shop. Please come with us while we tour the shop!

As you come through the door you will see the jewelry of 45 different artisans. Pins, necklaces, earrings, barrettes, rings in sterling silver, porcelain, painted copper, tin, and paper.

Sterling Earrings

Sterling Bracelets

Porcelain Jewelry

As you walk through you will see all our Wonderful Things, beginning with our stuffed animals and puppets. This menagerie includes an aardvark, an anteater, an armadillo, a zebra, a giraffe, a camel, and a llama.

See our selection of wooden toys, trucks, trains, cars, and pull toys, both musical and not.

Dolls Galore

Wooden Gifts

Walk up a couple of steps and you enter the gift area. You will find more Wonderful Things, like pewterware, wood toys, balloon people, pottery, judaicia, backgammon and Chinese checkers, solitaire games, glass, wooden kitchen items, baskets, and dolls.

Plenty of Ballons

There's More to Our Tour