Wonderful Pottery!

We feature the works of 25 potters from throughout this country.

Davy Pottery
This is s great find at the Philadelphia market. There really are people in North Dakota. Susan's multiple and flax glazes in reds, blues, greens and golds are abundantly rich and dramatic, as are her pieces.

Mosquito Mud Pottery
Another great find at Philadelphia. Very unique pieces and glazes.  Her blue and green glazes are very distinctive, and her pieces are unique and functional.  Her teapots are just wonderful.  A great addition to our pottery.

Mudpuppy Pottery
Mudpuppy does a great line of fish plates and platters as well as turtles. Blues, Greens, browns. Just great different pieces.

Hickory Tree Studio
Hickory Tree Studio from Indiana. His cool blues, soft gold and soft reds make for spectacular glazes. He also has some very unusual shapes. As a side line he also does wrot iron hooks and hangers

Freimarck Pottery
Another new potter for us. John Freimarck from Virginia. Gorgeous red glaze with black and grey designs. Truly outstanding. He offers both traditional dinnerware and also a line of square dinnerware

Wild Goose Pottery
 from Fayetteville Arizona This beautiful dark green sculptured pottery is stiking

Balloon People
by Sara Meadows.
These are six to eight inch stoneware figurines, actually formed over a balloon and then fired. We have carried Sara's people since 1978 and they are still extremely popular. She makes them in about 100 different occupations, both male and female. From Accountant to X-ray technician.

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