Wonderful Things

Sock Yarns

So many new sock yarns.  Each one nicer than the last.

Price List

We do not offer formal classes but we give individual and personal professional instruction every working hour.
Many of you have learned to do two socks at once on the magic loop or to do your 1st pair of socks.
Our table is always available for anyone who wants to come in and knit or who has a problem.
We always have such a good time.


Our gift section is full to overflowing for all seasons.
Pottery!  Glassware! Wooden Salad Bowls! Dolls and Stuffed Animals! Jonathan's Spoons! Sand timers!
Wild Cherry Spoons and Spatulas! Jewelry! Candles! Wooden Toys! Menorahs, Seder Plates.
Unbelievably beautiful hand painted silks from Silk Bijoux of Colorado.
scarves, and Prayer Shawls.

Caning and Basket Making Supplies

Cane, both pressed and regular cane, splint, fiber rush, Hong Kong Grass,
for repairing those chairs hidden in the attic or basement because
they need a new seat.
We have the flat splint, oval splint and all sizes of round reed for making baskets.
We also have kits for the beginner.
Oh yes we also have books to tell you how to do it.



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