Instructions for knitting backwards

Knit a row. Instead of turning to purl, leave the needle holding the knitting on the right.

Hold yarn in your right hand.

Insert left-hand needle into stitch from row you just finished, inserting needle from the front (left) toward the back (right).

The left-hand needle will be behind the right-hand needle.

To knit stitch, bring yarn over left-hand needle (lifting yarn up and over the top of the needle)

Back left-hand needle out of stitch from previous row, being very careful not to drop newly created stitch.

Slide stitch from previous row off  right-hand needle.

Voila! You've just knitted a stitch backwards. Continue across the row and you will never have to purl again!

Note: It will take a while before your gauge for knitting backwards is the same as your gauge for knitting forwards.


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